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Help us in our mission to entertain, educate and connect our community through the craft of improvisation and the gift of playI

Your donation will help us bring laughter and improv education to our community.

For many years the Upfront Theatre has been a bustling hub of comedy in Bellingham, hosting 5 shows and multiple classes each week. The COVID-19 Pandemic forced the original Upfront Theatre to close and threatened to shut us down permanently, but you can’t shut down laughter! Fueled by our passion for bringing joy and spontaneity to our community, we fought back and re-formed as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Donations to the Upfront help us cover the cost of day to day operations, keep class prices and ticket sales accesible, and . We invite you to join us in rebuilding our comedy community from the ground up. Every dollar you send our way supports us in delivering live comedy to our community, offering classes, and connecting people through the power of improv.

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